kukareku is a small chicago-based agency with a dedicated team of top-level developers and our primary focus is on providing a reliable backbone for digital agencies. We love how digital agencies change the web and the world. Without their creativity, passion and business insight the web would be a boring place. Digital Agencies develop innovative strategies, workflows, brands and designs for the digital business. And we love being a part of it - translating bright ideas into code and making all of that work on the web and mobile. We are Agile, we use Asana, Basecamp and Jira to manage and communicate.

We do IA, Front-end (UI/UX), Back-end, API', iOS, Android. We mostly use Ruby on Rails, PHP / Yii Framework, HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript. We often work with Wordpress, Magento, Demandware, Presta Shop, Bigcommerce, Shopify. We also have a full service video production and post-production devision.

In addition, we manage several online properties for Chicago Ethnic Media, feel free to inquire at 888-612-1959.

+ 1 312 888 6497 / ku@kukareku.com
1341 W Fullerton Ave, Suite 176, Chicago, IL 60614

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